AZO at the ACHEMA trade fair in Frankfurt

The global platform for chemical engineering and the process industry

Most people are familiar with Frankfurt am Main as the location for the International Motor Show IAA or the International Book Fair. However where AZO and its customers are concerned, the ACHEMA show in Frankfurt is one of the most important trade fairs. The ACHEMA is the world’s leading trade fair for the process industry. Over the course of five days, more than 3700 exhibitors from 55 countries demonstrated their latest solutions and innovations for processes for the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industries. Although the trade fair posted around a 13% drop in visitor figures, AZO saw its visitor numbers remain fairly steady. Alois Billigen (Director Marketing): “Meetings with visitors have clearly improved in terms of quality. It is obvious that visitors to the trade fair are better informed than in the past few years.”
AZO supplies machinery and plant for raw materials handling and the manufacture of numerous products in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industry, and is the no. 1 in mixer feeding.
One of the trade fair’s highlights was the robot-assisted AZO®RoLog. Many visitors to the trade fair stopped in front of AZO’s stand and showed their interest in the AZO®RoLog.
Is AZO now designing robots too? No, they aren’t.
This is about integrating established robotics technology into conventional raw materials handling. The raw materials required for production are prepared, metered and weighed with the aid of a robotic arm. By using a robot, it is also possible to process critical materials in a fully automated process safely and without risk for the machine operator.
Another innovation was powder wetting, which AZO LIQUIDS demonstrated under the slogan of Solids meets Liquids. Powder wetting makes it possible to mix solids and liquids with minimum degradation while retaining the structure of solids particles. This is extremely important when manufacturing toothpaste or mayonnaise for example.
Furthermore, AZO landed a contract from the dairy processing industry worth over 2 million euros during the trade fair. Alois Billigen (Director Marketing): “Summing up, we can already state that the ACHEMA was an extremely successful trade fair for the AZO Group and we were able to generate important contacts for the future.”

Photos: © Fotoatelier Bernhard e.K.