Barcodes scanning

Batch tracing

Traceability concept for raw materials and products
Barcodes scanning
Tracking tracing barcode scanning bag task
Barcodes checking
Tracking & Tracing

Complete identification and documentation from the receipt of goods, weighing, dosing and mixing of all raw materials up to filling, packaging and order execution of the final product.
The components of the process control system allow consistent shop floor monitoring.

Manufacturing processes:

  1. Recording of raw materials (Small components: unit packs, sacks, cans. Large components: big bags, tank vehicles)
  2. Manual weighing of tiny quantities, synchronously and asynchronously to the production process
  3. Mixing of the product components (components, flavours, artificial colours)
  4. Filling the mixtures into big bags or sacks
  5. Order execution of the finished goods units

How it works

All raw materials including raw material batch information are precisely recorded by the inventory control system, can be viewed quickly and are documented in detail. The raw materials are identified by bar codes throughout the entire production run and traced through the plant. All weighing procedures are documented and allocated to the final product. Kastor permits a complete listing of the production steps and each raw material can be traced right back to the customer, if a quality problem occurs with a raw material.
Product identification
The raw material data relevant for production and batch tracing are recorded in the IT system by means of the incoming goods. The incoming goods are allotted an internal incoming goods number generated by the process control system after posting; this allows ambiguous tracing back to goods received. Big bags e.g. are registered at delivery and an appropriate bar code label is applied. A bar code reader scans this label when placed on the removal station, which is thus registered as a posting for the storage location.


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