Cyclone screener

Screening systems

preserve the quality of bulk solids and liquids
Cyclone screener
Day silos
Cyclone screener
Feeding hopper

Your AZO advantages

  • Control screening
  • Safety screening
  • Fractioning
  • Separation of foreign particles
  • Breaking of lumps
  • Aeration of products

How it works

Top-notch production requires high quality raw materials without impurities. AZO's screeners have prevented foreign material in bulk solids and liquids from entering the production process. These remarkable screeners safely check the individual ingredients before, during and after processing and, furthermore, ensure adherence to the HACCP specifications.
Crucially important to product quality in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic industries. AZO screening systems safeguard the final product or liquids are involved. They prevent foreign material and contamination before, during and after the production process. As an important element in AZO conveying systems, screening systems contribute considerably to quality assurance.