AZO - No. 1 in mixer feeding

Vacuum weighing systems

for large and medium-sized components
AZO - No. 1 in mixer feeding
Vacuum weighing system
Vacuum weighing system
Feeding of the kneading lines
Vacuum weighing systems with conveying scales

Your AZO advantages

  • AZO is the market and technology leader for mixer feeding
  • Reliability thanks to experience and fully developed technology
  • High weighing and dosing accuracy
  • Cleanliness during product intake
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Constant product quality
  • Fast recipe change
  • Accurate coordination of control and processing technology


Single pipe system
With the single pipe system, a conveying line carries products to the conveyor scales from all product feed points such as hoppers, big bag dumping stations and outdoor or indoor silos. The scales control compensates for the different in-flights resulting from varying distances. This increases system accuracy.
Multi-pipe system
With the multi-pipe system, a conveyor line runs from each product feed point to a multiport valve with fresh air valve, which is connected to the conveyor scales. This system has the benefit that, downstream of the multiport valve, product in-flight is very low. Higher precision is therefore achieved than with the single pipe system.
Central weighing system
A central weighing system is available for many intake points and discharge points. It combines the benefits of suction weighing and pressure conveying systems. With this system, individual components from the product intake points are sucked into central conveyor scales equipped with an electromechanical weighing device and weighed. The weighed batch is then emptied into a buffer container and conveyed from this point by a pressure conveying system to consumers such as kneading units, mixers or stirrers. In order to achieve high throughputs, the next batch is already assembled in the central scales during conveyance.