AZO After Sales Service - Inspection & Maintenance of your plant!

AZO After Sales Service

We provide you with a personal service!

AZO quality not only means world-class machinery and production plants. When it comes to customer service as well, you can always rely on AZO, whether it involves commissioning and assembly, maintenance and inspection or supply of spare parts.
AZO has a service team of highly qualified and motivated employees to assist you with any issues regarding your AZO system and answer any queries competently.

Our goal is to ensure that your AZO system operates safely and efficiently, ensuring through-puts are maximum and downtimes are kept to a minimum.

  • Lack of plant maintenance - a vicious circle
  • Recommendation for proactive maintenance
  • Scheduled and preventive maintenance cycles
  • Arrange inspection and maintenance appointments
  • Higher throughput and less downtime due to maintenance
  • Energy savings as a positive side effect
  • AZO Service offers individual inspection and maintenance concepts and storage solutions.

  • Quality-checked original spare parts
  • Fast, reliable delivery of spare parts:
    • Immediate shipment of available spare parts if ordered before 14:00hrs
    • Spare parts dispatched using premier parcel services
    • Express / special delivery available at the customers discretion
  • High availability of spare parts
  • Safe and reliable identification of spare parts
  • Online spare parts catalogues specific to plants
  • Recommendations for keeping stocks of spare parts
  • Extended availability of AZO production parts
Original spare parts

  • Contact us around the clock
  • Special hotline service for individual customers and plants
  • Service level agreements to suit requirements
    • Guaranteed response times
    • 24/5 or 24/7 support
    • Regular online maintenance (monthly, quarterly)
    • Annual on-site inspection
service hotline

  • Assistance on any questions relating to maintenance:
    • Advice by phone
    • Maintenance experts at headquarters
    • Individual on-site advice from your dedicated maintenance advisor
  • Advice on preventive maintenance
  • Fault analysis
  • Briefing prior to maintenance and follow-up after
  • Training for individual plants
On-site monitoring of production

  • Global assembly and commissioning
  • Our own qualified and accredited assembly teams
  • Our own specialist teams for commissioning
  • Observance of all health and safety-related requirements on national and international levels
  • Cross-cultural skills, international experience
  • Expert induction training
  • Training for individual plants
  • Short decision-making processes thanks to on-site staff
  • AZO’s own worksite equipment
  • Supervision of commissioning when customer provides the plant controls
  • End customer support for resellers
global on-site service

  • Our own remote maintenance center
  • High security thanks to firewall/DMZ
  • Connections over
    • Customer’s own VPN solutions
    • AZO’s remote access solution
  • User authentication over:
    • User and password
    • Tokens
    • Key generator
Our own remote maintenance center

  • Advice and assistance when modernising and optimising plants
  • Review of current situation and documentation of old plants as the basis for modernisation
  • Drafting of migration and commissioning concepts
  • Rapid return to service and minimum downtimes
retrofit, revamp and relocation of existing plants

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After Sales Service


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Dear Customer,
in order to ensure that your returns and repairs are processed smoothly and promptly, we have formulated a procedure that regulates the handling of returns:
  • The accompanying documents must contain at least the completed and signed return note and, in the case of hazardous substances, your safety data sheet.
  • This will ensure that your return can be processed quickly.