Prevent costly misconfiguration of your production processes with the AZO technology centre

Innovative AZO technology centre

We know your raw materials!

And if we don't, we'll throw everything into making sure we get to know them as accurately as possible! Comprehensive knowledge about the properties of the products being processed is key to the smooth running of the plant.

Every year, well over 100 tests are carried out on more than 250 raw materials and subjected to detailed analysis. After careful preparation, the resulting data is made available to our customers. The insights gained from this are directed straight into the application-oriented development of machinery and systems for bulk handling.
The bulk material laboratory attached to the Technology Centre is superbly equipped, and carries out measurements and evaluations of the following:
  • Bulk density
  • Compacted density
  • Consistency
  • Slope angle
  • Grain size analysis (using screen analysis or dynamic image analysis)
  • Microscopic evaluation
  • Moisture determination
  • Determination of various climatic influences
  • Shear testing
  • Dynamic fluid energy
  • Wall friction measurements with different surfaces
  • Ventilation behaviour
  • Ability to compact
  • Air permeability
All the values obtained in the AZO Technical Centre and the bulk solids laboratory are recorded precisely in the AZO bulk solids database. The properties of around 10,000 raw materials have now been documented. When carrying out project planning for a plant, it is always the most recent data that are accessed. The highly realistic conveying, dosing and screening tests and the results from the laboratory are linked to the customer projects in the database. Using the comprehensive product, testing and project data coupled with 70 years of experience in plant engineering, AZO can be sure of delivering the ideal configuration for whatever task the customer has presented.

AZO LIQUIDS – Location Neuenburg am Rhein


CPC - Your Customer Process Center

Technical process Support for your products
In our CPC you have the possibility to create test approaches based on your own recipes and to prove
our technology in detail at the same time.
Our skilled process engineers support you with feasibility studies, optimization of existing recipes and processes, new technologies or tests within a production scale. We offer product analyses, pre-tests as well as scale-up calculations. Even in the sector of continuous plants we develop corresponding recipes and support you in the conversion of existing batch products to the continuous production.
Training with operation and use with our products can be hold in our CPC or on site.
We offer rental machines (eg. vacum processing system unit type zoatec® BG10, InLine mixer type zoatec® IL) for tests during actual operation.