for the automated handling of bulk materials

Your AZO advantages

  • Easy-to-clean, rugged design
  • Suitable for bulk goods with poor flow properties
  • Particularly efficient handling of batches in automated production processes
  • Allows accurate batch tracking

Preferred applications

As a transport and storage container for medium throughputs. Also ideal in automated systems as a transportable storage container for bulk materials received in bags. In such systems, bulk materials are emptied into containers in during the reconfiguration step.

How it works

The AZO BATCHTAINER® can be mounted on the docking station and locked in place pneumatically. Identification errors are eliminated by electronic ID system. The patented docking sleeve ensures dust-free feeding of the product into the system. The BATCHTAINER® remains on the docking station as long as that ingredient is required for the recipe. To change the container, merely close the gate and release the pneumatic restraint. The BATCHTAINER® can be returned to its proper position in the ware-house.