AZO CleanDock®

AZO CleanDock®

Contamination-free docking and undocking with integrated scales decoupling
AZO CleanDock®
AZO CleanDock®
AZO CleanDock®

Your AZO advantages

  • Automatic docking and undocking of containers, big bags, drums, etc.
  • Reliable contamination prevention
  • Exact dosing and weighing results with scale decoupling
  • Operator and product protection due to sealed system
  • Owing to the low dust emissions, it is not necessary to define ATEX zones here.
  • Easy to clean design

Preferred applications

The AZO CleanDock® is used to automatically dock and undock mobile containers (e.g. hoppers, drums, big bags) at fixed dosing devices. It establishes a dust-tight connection between the container and dosing device. When undocked, the dosing device and the mobile hopper are tightly sealed off so that bulk material cannot escape into the atmosphere. When docked, the hopper on the scales is decoupled in such a way that the scales are not influenced by mechanical forces. The design ensures cross contamination between the dosing points cannot take place. Owing to the low dust emissions with the AZO CleanDock®, it is not necessary to define ATEX zones relating to this product transfer point.

How it works

The hopper (e.g. BATCHTAINER®, drum, container) mounted on scales is positioned under the defined dosing point. The grippers on the active part then raise and centre the coupling plate on the passive part. The scales are tared if product is to be weighed into the hopper. The AZO CleanDock® then opens the passage allowing the product to be dosed into the container. 

Switching from coarse flow to fine flow by reducing the speed at the drive motor of the dosing device enables a high degree of dosing and weighing accuracy. Dosing is stopped on reaching the specified target weight and the passage is then closed. The mobile hopper is undocked after the coupling plate has been lowered on the passive part, allowing it to move to another dosing point.

The AZO CleanDock® can be quickly cleaned and inspected in situ by opening the quick release fasteners and using corresponding handling aids. The AZO CleanDock® can optionally be of mobile design and can be moved out of the line for cleaning. Cleaning then takes place while production continues on the active dosing lines.