DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®

DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®

Economic solutions for frequently changing small quantities
DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®
DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®
DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®

Your AZO advantages

  • Clean storage
  • Stock control
  • Safe product and user protection
  • Raw material handling in a closed system
  • Just in time production
  • Permanent traceability of raw materials and batches
  • Innovative logistics solutions


DosiBox® is the best solution when high recipe variety, numerous changing components and small amounts are a topic in your production. The safe, reusable container in PE plastic, or chromium nickel stainless steel, is available in various sizes. It meets all requirements for hygiene and cleanliness, user and product protection, batch traceability and documentation. It is food-safe and easy to clean. The integrated dosing screw enables highly precise, automatic access to the contents. The metal frame of the DosiBox® is dimensioned to European standards and makes it easy to store and transport the DosiBoxes®. This ensures clearly arranged and clean storage. The contents of the DosiBox® can be exactly determined at any time through the identification system and control. Raw material mistakes and incorrect dosages are things of the past. All loads are prepared within very narrow tolerances and documented to be traceable at any time.
The DosiBoxes® can be constructed in a linear arrangement as AZO DOSINENTER® with a nearly limitless number of transition stations. Connecting it with a fully automatic high-bay warehouse results in a well conceived DosiLogistic® system. The DosiDock® unit with mobile scales head for the individual DosiBoxes® during recipe composition and docks without dust. The prepared raw material mixtures can be siphoned off for further use in DosiBoxes®. The DosiBox® can also be used as multi-path delivery unit.