AZO COMPONENTER® indexing mode

AZO COMPONENTER® indexing mode

Fully automatic weighing in vessels
AZO COMPONENTER® indexing mode

Your AZO advantages

  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Very high batch frequency with over 100 batches per hour
  • No contamination, no crosscontamination
  • High production reliability through explicit identification
  • Optionally expandable


The AZO COMPONENTER® indexing mode makes sense wherever plenty of components with very high batch frequency and accuracy need to be weighed. It has proven particularly well where difficult products such as colourings, additives and highly active ingredients are automated. Instead of a linear arrangement with mobile collection vessel, in this system coded vessels standing on a indexing belt are applied. In this way the small components, weighed to the gram according to
recipe, are obtained. Each hopper can be assigned to a different recipe. The weighing process takes place in parallel. The exact identification of the filled small container guarantees that the right components are transported to the right mixer at all times. This increases production reliability enormously. At the same time, contamination is impossible. This version of the AZO COMPONENTER® can also be integrated as a system assembly into the AZO process management and visualisation system.