Receiver type K...

Receiver type K...

for automated collective feeding systems
Receiver type K...
Receiver type K...

Your AZO advantages

  • Sturdy, stainless nickel-chromium-steel construction
  • Compact design, perfected construction
  • High functional reliability due to electronic control and monitoring of all functions to avoid production stoppage
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning without tools
  • Large inspection opening with snap-on locks
  • Easy interior inspection due to swivelling device at the lid

Preferred applications

The receivers of the K... series are installed on the inlet hopper of the processing machine (e.g. injection moulding machine, extruder etc.) in automated collective feeding systems. Here the receivers serve for conveying the granular bulk materials and, at the same time, for separating them from the conveying air.

How it works

On the clean air side all receivers are connected to a single blower with secondary filter. The conveying inlet is manually connected or automatically changed over to the respective machine or product. When there is a request signal from the automatic level control in the discharge, the angle valve at the clean air side opens and the discharge flap closes. The vacuum in the system causes the bulk material to be conveyed into the receiver via the conveying line. When the product in the receiver reaches the full indicator, the conveying interval is finished. After the conveying interval, the discharge flap opens and the product flows into the inlet hopper of the processing machine. The sequence of the operating cycles is controlled by a freely programmable or an electronic control system. The actual operating state is displayed at the electronic control.