AZO vacuum pulse system

Vacuum pulse system

for the flexible feeding of reactors, dissolvers and mixers
AZO vacuum pulse system
AZO vacuum pulse system
AZO vacuum pulse system

Your AZO advantages

  • Power connections and drives in media columns
  • Receiver removable without the need for a tool
  • Easy-to-clean receiver parts
  • Large filter surface due to AZO SINBRAN® sinter filter cartridge (W.L. Gore trademark)
  • Filters can be washed
  • Compact design
  • Excellent charging of product at a low conveying velocity
  • Design complies with ATEX guidelines

Preferred applications

Flexible feed of reactors, dissolvers and mixers with powdered and granulated products from containers, big bag or drums. Use of pressurised inert gas means that the system can also be used in areas where there is a risk of explosion.


The receiver is made of stainless steel. There are no electrical or pneumatic components fitted directly on the receiver. The closing devices at the inlet and outlet pipes are connected to the media columns by detachable connectors. The clean gas side is also connected to the media column by an easily detachable connection. An inflatable seal is provided in the hub of the receiver to seal the receiver from the following container. These simple connections enable the separator to be removed or replaced quickly and easily. The AZO sinter filter cartridges provide a large surface for filtration.

How it works

The receiver can only be fitted to or removed from the media column when the valves are closed. The clean gas side and the conveying line are connected and the inflatable seal is activated. The conveying cycle begins by opening the inlet pipe and opening the pure air valve. The conveying ends after a specified cycle time. The clean air valve closes, the vacuum is released and the conveying line is closed. The product is discharged either by gravity alone or with back-up from compressed air or inert gas. In the same way the filter can be cleaned by means of compressed air or inert gas or also by prepared ambient air.