Innovative AZO technology centre

We know your raw materials!

And if we don't, we'll throw everything into making sure we get to know them as accurately as possible! Comprehensive knowledge about the properties of the products being processed is key to the smooth running of the plant.

Every year, well over 100 tests are carried out on more than 250 raw materials and subjected to detailed analysis. After careful preparation, the resulting data is made available to our customers. The insights gained from this are directed straight into the application-oriented development of machinery and systems for bulk handling.

AZO laboratory for raw material analysis

In our AZO laboratory for raw material analysis, essential properties of the raw materials can be analyzed and an assessment of the expected process behavior can be made. In addition to the bulk, tamped and raw material density determination, the particle size distribution and particle shape can be determined by means of vibration sieving, air jet sieving, dynamic image analysis and light microscopy.

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All values determined in the AZO technical center and in the laboratory for raw material analysis are precisely recorded in the AZO bulk goods database. The properties of around 10,000 raw materials have now been documented. When planning a system, the latest data is permanently accessed. The conveying, dosing and sieving tests carried out under practical conditions as well as the results from the laboratory are linked to the customer projects in the database. From the sum of the extensive product, test and project data paired with the experience from 70 years of plant construction, AZO ensures an optimal design for the respective task of the customer.


AZO LIQUIDS - Customer Process Centre (CPC)

Technical process support for your products

In our CPC in Neuenburg am Rhein, you can produce test approaches with your own recipes and get to know our technology in detail. Our experienced team will be happy to support you in all questions - from the first feasibility studies to continuous production.