3D scan technology at AZO

Criteria and Solution

Measuring distances using a folding ruler – calculating pipe circumference with a tape measure – images for orientation – laborious creation of sketches by hand

In the past, the effort of recording dimensions on site for existing buildings and installations was often a time-consuming process which left system designers with a degree of uncertainty in the positioning of equipment.

This process has been significantly simplified through the acquisition of a 3D laser scanner. Using a laser-based scanning system, it is now possible to generate a high quality record of dimensions in the form of a point cloud which, with the support of image material, offers improved visualisation of the installations, building, equipment and interference contours.
Recording, Transferring, Processing, Making available, Measuring, Modelling

Technical hardware and software

The AZO 3D scan equipment is easy to transport and can also be taken onto an aeroplane as hand luggage.

Our laser scanner - LEICA BLK360
  • Laser class 1
  • Protection class IP54 (IEC 60529)
  • Replaceable Li-ion battery
  • Field of view: 360° horizontal / 300° vertical
  • Visibility: up to 60 m
  • 360,000 points per second
  • Accuracy: 4 mm at 10 m / 7 mm at 20 m
  • Temperature ranges: +5°C - +40°C

The 3D laser scanner is positioned on a tripod at the location to be scanned and controlled via an iPad.

Thanks to a range of scan qualities, there are options for scanning different scenarios as desired. THE RESULT is a coordinate-based point cloud including 360° images for improved visualisation.

Once the point cloud has been processed, we make the file available to you via a private SharePoint; we are happy to advise you on the next steps. You can examine the result yourself using a freeware solution from Autodesk, and contact us at any time.

3D scan equipment
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Integration Processes – Added value

From your perspecive
  • Image documentation of your existing installation (as-built)
  • Point cloud for next processing steps
  • No need for additional measurements when positioning components
  • Save time/costs using explicit recording instead of manual measurements
  • Incorporation of point cloud into VR technology & Navisworks
  • Implementation of 3D models in your existing system/building
From AZO's perspecive
  • Rapid overview of the installation for our employees
  • Minimise errors by recording the environment
  • Overlaps with other equipment avoided (e.g. ventilation ducts)
  • Improved certainty for system design
  • Dimensions can be measured at any time
Improved certainty for system design
Laserscanner, Punktwolke, 3D-Bilddokumentation, Aufbereitung,  Bestandsaufnahme, Datenaustausch