EcoVadis – Silver medal for AZO

Certified ecological, social and ethical sustainability

Sustainability is on everyone's mind - and rightly so. But as so often, it is not enough to just talk about it, you also have to act on it.


At AZO, sustainability is at the forefront of our corporate policy and influences all aspects of our business activities. Having already had our ethical and social sustainability certified in 2020 by the Bureau Veritas organization in accordance with the strict SMETA guidelines, we have now also undergone an audit by the EcoVadis sustainability institute.


We were audited in the four sustainability areas: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. Our contributions and measures in these areas were recorded using a detailed online questionnaire and evaluated by EcoVadis. The results are impressive: With our sustainability performance, we have already received the silver medal in our first attempt, placing us in the top 25% of our industry. This means we have earned the right to include the EcoVadis logo in our corporate communications. But of course we don't want to rest on our laurels. EcoVadis supports companies through a detailed evaluation to develop and implement further optimizations in the sustainability concept. The evidence for the provision of new measures can be posted online and will be checked again. In this way, a company's sustainability score can be successively increased. For AZO, one thing is certain: We want to become even better.


That is why we are working tirelessly on our sustainability strategy, which is based on the 17 SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals). These 17 goals serve as a guide for our sustainable actions and for concrete measures we can take to become even more sustainable in the future. You can find a detailed overview of our sustainability concept and goals on our sustainability page.