Reorganization at AZO

AZO Global Product Center GmbH & Co. KG is operational as a new company of the AZO Group since 01 January 2023.

"A consistently future-proof positioning - that is our goal" is the clear message of our CEO Rainer Zimmermann - and after a longer planning phase as well as by the multi-crises, we see ourselves confirmed in this objective: "The distribution of risks and the orientation towards the needs of our customers guide us in this phase of repositioning. We want to be a resilient and reliable partner worldwide".

With the establishment of the new AZO Global Product Centre, the first step in this direction has been taken. The new company is where our products are created, which we sell worldwide - from the first draft to the detailed customised adaptation design and production to the documentation. Around 240 of our employees are now part of the new company and it is important for us to emphasise: For our customers, we will continue to be there as a safe and reliable partner in the usual way.

New Managing Director: Hartmut Eckert

AZO Global Product Center GmbH & Co KG is managed by Hartmut Eckert, born in 1967 - an "AZO home-grown". After his education and numerous further training courses as a technical business economist, business economist and REFA engineer, he became a member of the Executive Board in 2018.

Through his diverse management positions in work preparation, production planning and control, production management as well as his role as production manager and through accompanying numerous transformation and change projects, he understands how to convey orientation, clarity and certainty of action. Coupled with his extensive knowledge in the fields of production organisation, logistics, supply chain management, lean production and REFA methodology, he is the ideal candidate for the management of the AZO Global Product Center.

CEO Rainer Zimmermann is also Managing Director of the new company.