Our experts at Powtech 2022

Visit our lectures at the expert forum stagetalks in hall 3, booth 3-153 with the following topics:
27/09/2022 | 14:00 - 14:30
German lecture

Low dust big bag discharge up to OEB3 with the big bag connection system BBA AGW

More and more raw materials require strict compliance with occupational exposure limits during processing. In order to safely discharge these raw materials from big bags, AZO has developed the BBA AGW big bag connection system. With this system, big bags can be emptied under containment conditions up to OEB3, which guarantees a high-level operator protection. The BBA AGW fits seamlessly into the modular concept of AZO's big bag discharge stations.
Jens Kilian | Project Manager Research and Development

Jens Kilian
Project Manager Research and Development

27/09/2022 | 15:30 - 16:00
English lecture

Robot powder handling solution under GMP conditions

As a result of the continuous innovation and development within raw material automation projects, AZO designed and implemented a fully automated dosing and mixing application according GMP conditions.  Key solution to combine these functionalities in a reduced cleanroom is using a Stäubli TX200 robot for raw material shuttle manipulation.  The interaction between the multiple dosing and mixing in combination with an inline washing unit was only possible by using a high perfomance 6-axis robot.  The implemention of a full scale FAT for as well the robot manipulation as for the dosing equipment, let to a succesfull SAT within the expected project lead time.
Pieter Vanneuville | AZO N.V.

Pieter Vanneuville
Sales Manager AZO®Vital

29/09/2022 | 11:00 - 11:30
English lecture

Powder handling for metal powders for additive manufacturing applications

AZO is one of the leading specialists in automated raw material logistics for 3D printing applications and offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the storage, conveying, feeding, conditioning and recovery of metal powders used in an additive manufacturing process.
Sales Manager AZO®Chem

David Dittrich
Sales Manager AZO®Chem

29/09/2022 | 14:00 - 14:30
English lecture

Safe and economic handling of battery raw materials

With regard to the drastically increasing demand for Lithium-Ion-Batteries, many Gigafactories are presently scheduled and built worldwide.The necessary raw materials for the cell production, have to be handled in larger amounts considering operator and process protection. Sustainability will also be an issue. AZO, a specialist for bulk material handling, has the suitable solutions.
Michael Wetzel| Sector Manager Battery AZO®Chem

Michael Wetzel
Sector Manager Battery AZO®Chem

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