AZO Solutions for product and operator safety

Product and operator protection at AZO

The protection of product and operator is of paramount importance when it comes to the reliable automation of raw materials. This is confirmed not least by the increased limits for permissible contamination values imposed by the legislator. Many raw materials, such as metal powder for 3D printing, are toxic or respirable and can pose a real danger to operators. Still other raw materials are explosive, shooting, dusting or particularly sensitive. For each of these raw materials, suitable protective measures must be found to make automated handling as safe as possible.

At AZO, we make no compromises here and develop products and systems that meet current standards and enable the automation of even the most critical raw materials.

AZO big bag emptying station AGW

To reduce dust pollution when emptying big bags, we have developed a big bag emptying station with an AGW connection system. Through this special design of the docking device and the additional use of a glove box for opening the big bags, we were able to minimise dust emission during emptying and thus fulfil the criteria for use in areas with the requirement OEB 3.
After emptying, the big bag is evacuated by removing the air volume from the inside. The big bag can then be sealed by the glovebox before it is moved out of the station and folded by the operating personnel in a manner suitable for disposal.

Big bag discharge station AGW with glovebox

AZO bag feed station OEB 3

For the emptying of bagged goods while maintaining special operator protection, we have developed the bag loading station for use in OEB3 areas. This bag loading station combines the highest operator and product protection. By using a lock chamber and a glove box, not only are the operators protected from the raw materials, but also the raw materials themselves are protected from adverse environmental influences such as oxygen or humidity.

The bags are moved via a roller conveyor into the lock chamber, which is then flooded with nitrogen until the set limit value is reached. The operator can then open the bag via the glovebox with the help of the integrated knife and empty it into the subsequent closed system. The empty bags are discharged through an opening in the empty bag compactor and pressed into a film bag. The full film bag can be changed without contaminating the environment by means of a special containment solution.

AZO Sack Discharge Station OEB 3

AZO cyclone screener DA Vario Containment

The cyclone screener DA ... Vario Containment is particularly suitable for use in areas with very high requirements regarding the released residual dust content. The screening machine is equipped with film liners that enable the replacement of both the screen basket and the dosing screw under containment conditions. This makes the machine suitable for screening toxic raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in other industrial applications. With this expansion, we have taken our proven technology of the DA cyclone screener to the next level to offer you the best possible operator protection even when screening critical raw materials.

Cyclone screener type DA Vario Cotainment