AZO - No. 1 in mixer feeding

Batch and minor quantity automation

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AZO - No. 1 in mixer feeding
AZO ShuttleDos®
AZO COMPONENTER® in linear design with mobile container
AZO COMPONENTER® in circular design

Your AZO advantages

  • Economical concept through competent, goal-oriented consultation on site
  • High process reliability through targeted analyses in our testing center
  • Planning and implementation by experienced, engaged employees
  • Own high quality production to secure your individual quality requirements
  • High plant availability due to matured, proven control and operation concepts
  • Up to date documentation
  • Customer service from installation to commissioning up to After Sales by competent employees
  • Wide process technology expertise thanks to synergies within the AZO Group


Minor ingredient automation systems involves the fully-automated feeding of precisely-weighed small and minor quantities, ingredients and additives into the mixing process. The AZO COMPONENTER® with its round, linear and synchronised design is a safe solution for exact weighing.
When fully automatic recipe composition with numerous components in a closed system with strict line separation and avoidance of contamination is asked for, the AZO ShuttleDos® is in its element.
The DOSINENTER® with DosiBoxes® and DosiLogistic® with integrated product and operator protection are a cost-effective alternative for the automatic handling of small components when using frequently changing components.
If full automation is impractical, the manual weighing station ManDos presents the ideal solution.