Anuga FoodTec 2024

Our highlights at Anuga FoodTec 2024

in Cologne Hall 10.1, Stand C028

AZO, your specialist for raw material automation and logistics for powders, granulates and liquids, will be exhibiting at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne from 19-22 March 2024.

At our stand in Hall 10.1, Stand C028, we will be showcasing our solutions for the automated handling of large and small components as well as the integration of small quantities and ingredients into the automated process. Plant engineering, process technology and automation - all perfectly coordinated and from a single source!

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With a knack for sensitive raw materials
Handling sensitive bulk materials in particular, such as milk powder or alternative proteins, requires comprehensive expertise in raw material properties. Thanks to our expertise in raw material analysis and our 75 years of competence in plant engineering, we are also able to handle these demanding raw materials safely.

Batch purity, consistent tracking & tracing and hygienic product safety: Come to our stand and find out more about AZO solutions - we look forward to seeing you!

Please also visit our presentation on this topic:

Automatic depalletizing and discharging of sacked goods –
Robot-based and AI-supported

20/03/2024 | 13:00 - 13:30
Speakers Corner, Hall 10.1, F070/G081

Steffen Throm | Business Unit AZO®Vital - Area Sales Manager - Germany South

You can find out more about the following key topics at our stand:

Small component automation

In the manufacture of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemical products and plastics, exact adherence to recipes is crucial to the quality of the products. As a manufacturer, you must therefore be able to rely on the exact dosage of your raw materials. Every addition must be precisely documented.
AZO offers various systems for precise dosing and weighing of your small quantities, either automatically or manually and operator-guided, depending on your requirements.

The manual weighing of small and very small components harbours risks and is prone to errors. The more components and batches come together, the greater the risk to product safety and quality.
With the AZO COMPONENTER® Step, we enable you to weigh such small and very small components, such as pigments, dyes or flavourings, automatically and accurately to the gram. This improves product safety, increases production efficiency and ensures the hygiene and batch purity of your products. All in compliance with strict, industry-specific specifications.

Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • Maximum product safety thanks to tracking & tracing
  • Reproducibility of process steps and weighing results
  • High and consistent recipe accuracy
  • High accuracy and cycle times
  • Strict batch separation and thus avoidance of cross-contamination
  • Modularly expandable, making it flexible for product changeovers
  • High throughput rates thanks to fully automatic filling and transport within the system
  • Effective production planning possible
  • Low cleaning effort
  • Target containers can optionally be fitted with inliners
  • Fulfilment of high hygiene requirements
  • Reduction of physical and mental stress for employees
AZO COMPONENTER® Step - Automatic weighing of minor and micro components
AZO COMPONENTER® Step - Automatic weighing of minor and micro components

If a small number of components need to be weighed automatically, then the AZO COMPONENTER® in a circular design is the right choice for you. With this principle, the storage containers, such as feeding hoppers for bags, pneumatically fed receivers or small silos, are arranged in a circle above the collection vessel. Each component has its own raw material-optimised discharge, dosing and weighing system. This enables parallel weighing processes and the feeding of several mixing lines.

Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • High batch frequency thanks to parallel weighing (up to 40 batches/hour)
  • Easy to allocate to specific recipes, e.g. light and dark product lines
  • Feeding of several mixing lines possible
AZO COMPONENTER® in circular design

Some very small quantities are difficult or inefficient to automate. However, these very small quantities often have a decisive influence on the recipe. For this reason, we have developed AZO ManDos - an operator-guided, manual weighing centre that combines all the necessary components.

Scales, storage containers, work tables, suction systems, barcode scanners or label printers including the necessary software - all combined in one smart system!

Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • Can be used as a stand-alone system
  • Can be expanded into a comprehensive, networked batch production system
  • Consistent operator guidance
  • Complete documentation
  • Raw material identification
  • Order, recipe and article management
  • warehouse management
  • Calibration data creation
  • Host coupling
  • Validation capability
ManDos – operator-guided manual weighing system for micro quantities
ManDos – operator-guided manual weighing system for micro quantities

Hygienic design

Hygienic and easy-to-clean systems are essential, especially in the production of high-quality foodstuffs such as dairy products and baby food. Product safety is the top priority here.
Gap-free welded components, low surface roughness, large radii on the inside and suitable stainless steel materials minimise product adhesion and microbial contamination. Ergonomic, easy-to-clean appliances are characterised by quick-release fasteners, pull-out devices and special seals. Many appliances can also be wet cleaned if necessary, for example with spray lances.

We have developed the AZO feeding hopper in hygienic design for product feeding under the highest hygiene requirements. It is specially designed for feeding dusty, powdery or granular bulk materials into closed material handling systems and is suitable for a wide range of packaging types, such as sacks, cartons or drums.

Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • Hygienic design
  • Wet cleaning via jet cleaner
  • Seal for drying after wet cleaning easy to dismantle and assemble as not glued
  • Seal is made of silicone and is metal detectable
  • Bag support can be folded down or removed completely.
  • Lid opens automatically by gas springs after releasing the tensioners
  • Lid switch for controlling internal system functions
  • Lid switch suitable for safety applications up to performance level D
  • Outlet can be optimally adapted to downstream devices.
  • Suitable for ATEX zone 22 and 2
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The AZO lump breaker is used to break up and crush bulk materials that tend to form agglomerates, lumps and clumps. The robust yet compact design of the lump breaker ensures safe and gentle crushing of lumps and clods. The device can be dismantled without tools and fulfils the highest standards of hygiene and ease of cleaning.

Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • Reliable shredding of bulk materials that tend to form agglomerates and lumps
  • Easy to clean design as it can be pulled out and dismantled without tools
  • Sustainable thanks to robust design. Low-wear and energy-saving
  • Process reliability: a specific maximum grain size can be ensured via the mesh size of the passing sieve
AZO Lump breaker

AZO container systems - energy-efficient and reliable

The requirements for modern raw material automation are diverse and range from gentle product handling to short set-up times and fast cleaning. Cross-contamination also plays a major role in the feeding processes for large and small components. Simple and intuitive operation and clean documentation are therefore essential. Our AZO container systems offer the right solution here. They can be easily integrated into existing systems and, in addition to freedom from contamination and wide recipe variation, offer other advantages such as energy efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

If many components are processed automatically, a linear design of the AZO COMPONENTER® is recommended. In this case, the storage hoppers are arranged opposite each other in rows and each has its own discharge and dosing units. These ensure reliable discharge and high dosing accuracy for all components. The raw materials are usually weighed into a container according to the recipe in an additive process, which is placed on a mobile scale or an AGV (automated guided vehicle system). The containers with the compiled batch can now be placed on a mixer or mixed homogeneously in a container mixer directly in the container.
This variant of the AZO COMPONENTER® is used in particular when contamination-free solutions are required.


Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • Ideal for many components
  • Batch frequency of 10 batches/hour
  • Efficient solution for difficult products
  • Good feasibility of several discharge points, e.g. mixer or pneumatic conveying
  • No contamination and mixing
  • Very small components are pre-weighed with maximum accuracy in a special scale
  • Spatial separation of product feeding and batch preparation
AZO COMPONENTER®, fully automatic

The AZO ShuttleDos® is a state-of-the-art solution for the fully automatic composition of recipes with many components. It can dose up to 20 batches per hour with up to ten precisely weighed components in a weight range from 100 grams to several hundred kilograms. The closed system with strict line separation and contamination prevention and the use of special, mobile containers enable unmanned operation and increase the cycle rates enormously. An optimised line layout with separate areas for different component sizes ensures maximum efficiency.

Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • Unrivalled speed
  • Freedom from contamination
  • Highest precision
  • Extreme flexibility when changing recipes
  • Easy to clean due to ground clearance
  • Optimum line arrangement
  • Carbon footprint-compliant production
AZO ShuttleDos®

The DosiBox® is the best solution if a large variety of recipes, many changing components and small quantities are an issue in your production. The safe, reusable container made of PE plastic or chrome-nickel steel is available in various sizes and fulfils all requirements for hygiene, cleanliness, operator and product protection, batch traceability and documentation.

Your AZO plus points at a glance

  • Clean storage
  • Precise stock control
  • Safe product and operator protection
  • Raw material handling in a closed system
  • Just-in-time production
  • Permanent raw material and batch traceability
  • Innovative logistics solutions
DosiBox® and DosiLogistic® | Economical solutions for frequently changing minor quantities

Turnkey solutions

From engineering and the supply of individual components to the construction and installation of turnkey systems, all services at AZO come from a single source and are perfectly harmonised.
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The physical properties of the raw materials determine how your systems must be designed in order to achieve optimum results.

Do you work daily with divas that are explosive or highly reactive? With free spirits that dust or flow freely? Are your raw materials of the stubborn, lumpy and sticky variety? Or are you dealing with real nasties that are abrasive or toxic? Or perhaps your raw materials are delicate "sensitives" that need to be handled with particular care.
No matter which characters you are dealing with: AZO knows the respective properties and knows what is important when handling them.
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As one of the most experienced manufacturers of plants and systems for the automatic handling of raw materials and processes, we know exactly what is important when it comes to developing sustainable production plants.

With an engineering team of AZO experts, we support you with our service in many plant engineering issues and in the sustainable optimisation of your production plants.

Control | automate | document | digitise

From consulting to realisation, from sensor technology to the operational production planning level: plant engineering, process engineering and automation are perfectly coordinated as integrated and reliable solutions, without interfaces and with maximum connectivity.

Safe and efficient raw material automation requires intelligent control and a control system that gives you an overview of your production at all times and is intuitive to use.
With AZO you are on the safe side, no matter what you do. Whether operating, monitoring, tracking & tracing or allergen management: our production control system KASTOR powered by ACAS guides you through the entire production process - from the raw material to the end product.

Based on current standards, we have developed a system that combines MES, batch and visualisation functions and implements a completely new operating concept. This allows you to operate your systems both stationary and mobile - just as your individual production conditions require. Accompanied by barcode or RFID systems, you always have full control and an overview of your production.
Depending on your requirements, we program customised and platform-independent visualisation solutions that are designed for maximum ease of use in order to provide you with the best possible support in the automation of your raw materials.
Kastor Planning and Scheduling
Tracking & Tracing

With our AZO production control system, we enable you to continuously track and trace the raw materials and processes used, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of your production. Regardless of whether you are manually weighing small components or automatically feeding mixers: With our production control system, you have an overview of which batch a raw material used comes from at all times and can trace it back.
Tracking & Tracing throughout the process
The starting point for tracking and tracing is the product infeed and the replenishment of storage locations. Here you are guided by the AZO production control system and receive a plausibility check by means of a barcode, which gives you the certainty that the correct raw material has reached the correct storage location. The raw materials, including their most important information such as lot number, weight and minimum shelf life, are then automatically entered into the production control system and can be tracked and traced from this moment onwards throughout the entire production process.
In automated production processes, such as weighing using AZO COMPONENTER® systems, the raw materials and actual weights, including the lot number, are automatically booked according to the first-in-first-out principle. In this way, the raw material batch is tracked through the entire system to ensure seamless tracking and tracing.
Tracking and tracing is also integrated in manual processes such as manual weighing using our AZO MandDos, a recipe-controlled weighing solution with user guidance. The control system guides the operator through the weighing process and the weighing results are automatically recorded. The weighing containers are labelled with a barcode and can thus be transported to the subsequent process in a clearly identifiable manner, where they are scanned again and reported to the respective production line. This means that a raw material remains traceable throughout the entire production chain, even in manual processes.


Tracking & Tracing