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Operation of a panel
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Production control
The major benefits of having customised plant controls:
  • product safety
  • production safety
  • reliability of production planning and scheduling
  • efficiency
  • reliability
  • forward-thinking
  • competitive


The controls are the “brain” of the plant. They monitor and direct all the crucial processes. We place the utmost importance on clear, straightforward user guidance to simplify oversight and control of the plant.

Having a reliable, user-friendly control system is a core component, integral to plant planning. It goes without saying that occupational safety and operational reliability are also key factors that have top priority in the planning process. To this end, we work with our customers to develop and deliver automation and control concepts that incorporate the latest standards; we provide appropriate visualisation means and/or recipe management to ensure the efficiency of every plant, with a high degree of flexibility in application.

We program customised, bespoke and platform-independent visualisation solutions as required, offering the best possible user experience and configured with recipe management, batch tracing, simulation, trend display etc. in line with the needs and specifications of the plant operator.

The product range covers a number of configurations, from the basic version with semi-automatic controls, developed for small production plants and autonomous production sections, through to comprehensive whole plant control systems, integrating all plant components that are essential for production. PLC control, visualisation, recipe control, process control system and traceability make operation and monitoring of the production plants easier and allow for automated operation.

We firmly believe that logical, consistent project management and schedule control, as well as end-to-end documentation, are central to ensuring the success of a project. The time required to commission the plant in the factory is minimised as the software has already been subjected to intensive testing before dispatch. On request, you can also benefit from our service support for plant controls, with secure remote access.