AZO®VacuumPlus dense phase conveying

gentle, segregation-free and extremely energy efficient
Supply point

Your AZO advantages

  • Segregation and destruction free
  • Low air and energy consumption
  • Conveying of critical bulk materials
  • Optimized controls
  • Efficient usage of conditioned air

Preferred applications

The AZO®VacuumPlus dense phase conveying system is a new conveying system, intelligently combining the advantages of pressure and vacuum systems. Whenever fragile and/or temperature sensitive bulk materials need to be gently conveyed without segregation, this new materials handling technology is the solution – especially for applications with medium throughputs and conveying distances of up to 100 m.

How it works

This conveying technology is basically separated into two different versions: discontinuous operation and continuous operation. The decision of which version should be used is dependant upon the nature of the manufacturing process (either before or after the conveying stage).
For instance, if the conveying system is feeding a batching process, a discontinuous system is recommended. If the manufacturing process is continuous, then a continuous AZO®VacuumPlus system is probably more appropriate.