Discharge station for  AZO BATCHAINER®

Container systems

Flexible, high-precision design, hygienic and ready for fully automation
Discharge station for  AZO BATCHAINER®
AZO DOSITAINER® with discharge base
Cleaning station

Your AZO advantages

  • Hygienic
  • Optimum stability and accuracy of fit
  • Fully automatable modules
  • Optimal outlet geometry
  • No contamination
  • Easy to clean


AZO engineers have many years of experience in bulk material handling. Few companies have developed such trail-blazing innovative ideas and advancements in container handling which render the old standards obsolete.
Various raw materials with different characteristics have been automated successfully in our individually designed container systems. No matter whether bulk materials have a tendency to core flow, segregate or bridge – AZO will find the optimum solution, even for high-viscosity products. 
The AZO container program ranges from the standard economy model to high-end designs to meet the highest demands in the food and pharmaceutical industry.