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Individual and practical support
Service technicians with laptop control cabinet
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Individual and practical support

From figuring out your starting point and objectives, to analysis and weighing up alternatives, to planning and implementation, we are on hand with expert advice. And of course, security, cost-efficiency and sustainability are always part of the equation. Benefit from our workforce, our expertise and our broad positioning. It‘s not for nothing that we have ISO 9001 certification and we support projects also FDA or GAMP.

We would be happy to put together a customised service package for you, tailored perfectly to your needs, from our flexible service portfolio. Get in touch – we can provide a comprehensive consultation on a cost-optimised solution and the effective use of service and support in the specific context of your company.

Preferred applications

Service Hotline and remote administration
  • Your support requests are dealt with by our highly qualified employees during business hours – within the agreed response times. One call is enough.
  • And of course, critical support calls are also accepted via the Hotline outside business hours and passed to our expert team of service technicians to advise you. We won‘t leave you in the lurch.
  • Thanks to our remote administration service, we can securely access your system to carry out a remote diagnosis. This means that functional and process-specific faults or those caused by handling errors can be fixed without spending time and money on a service technician visiting your site. Quick and straightforward.
  • To give you the best possible support – whether by phone, remote maintenance or on site – we are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because every minute counts.
  • All our services are provided by capable and experienced specialists. Professionals at work.

  • Increase the operational reliability and availability of your system significantly with regular maintenance for timely prevention of potential failures. This significantly reduces operating costs by avoiding downtimes, and guarantees that your system retains its value over the long term.
  • The services included in the maintenance contract are agreed in advance and matched precisely to your needs, thereby offering you the best possible service.
  • Our maintenance customers are assured of preferential treatment. Response times are kept to a minimum if a technician is required on site, for example. The majority of service interventions are carried out quickly and efficiently using our remote service option.
  • Our service technicians are only called upon as needed, or in a preventive role at the agreed maintenance intervals. This represents a considerable cost saving compared to having your own IT department, while still having access to a highly qualified service team.
  • Transparency is also ensured by our detailed logging system, which is filled out for every maintenance event and depicts the technical situation of your system.
We would be happy to draw up a personalised cost comparison to see whether a maintenance contract is worth it for you. No ifs or buts!

Remote Service
  • Support request hotline (individual + tailored to requirements) on request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year
  • High level of expertise owing to qualified service team
  • Physical activation on-site by the customer using a key switch (access control)
  • No need for the customer to have specific IT knowledge
  • Unambiguous validation of access authorisation (certificate-based)
  • Complies with IT and security standards
  • Strong encryption for data transfer (up to 4096 bit)
  • Clear administration of all VPN accesses (logged)
  • Cost reduction through short response paths
  • Best possible utilisation of resources (personnel and technology)
  • Low investment for the reasonably priced house standard solution


Name of contact

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Holger Urban
Manager Automation

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