Silo discharge

Vibration Bottom

for reliable discharge
Silo discharge
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Silo discharge

Your AZO advantages

  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Reliable discharge
  • For universal use
  • Uniform fall of the product column (materials flow)
  • No stacking and bridging
  • Also suitable for problematic and flow-resistant materials
  • Optimum emptying of hoppers, without residues

Preferred applications

For reliable discharge of powdery, crystalline, high-fat and granular bulk materials from hoppers. It can be used for almost all materials in the foodstuffs, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

How it works

The vibration bottom is set in horizontal circular vibrations by the laterally mounted unbalance vibrator. The vibrations are transmitted to the materials column via the relieving cone which is oscillating in the interior of the vibration bottom. Thus the material is put in motion falling uniformly without core flow or bridging. The product reliably reaches the discharge through the ring gap. The intensity of the vibrations, which depends on the type of material and the required output, can be set at the unbalance vibrator.