Anuga FoodTec2022

Our highlights at Anuga FoodTec 2022

in Cologne Hall 10.1, booth C049

AZO, your specialist for raw material automation and logistics of powders, granulates and liquids, is exhibiting at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany, from April 26-29, 2022.
In hall 10.1, booth C049, we will show you our solutions for the automatic handling of large and minor components as well as the integration of micro-quantities and ingredients into the automatic process. Plant engineering, process engineering and automation - all perfectly coordinated and from a single source!
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With a knack for sensitive raw materials
Especially the handling of sensitive bulk materials, such as milk powder or alternative proteins, requires comprehensive know-how of the raw material properties. Thanks to our expertise in raw material analysis and our 70 years of experience in plant engineering, we are able to handle even these demanding raw materials safely.

Batch purity, continuous tracking & tracing and hygienic product safety: Come to our booth and find out more about our AZO solutions - we look forward to meeting you!

Find out about the following key topics at our booth:

Do you need gentle conveying over long distances with a high conveying capacity?
Then AZO®MULTIAIR dense phase conveying is the right choice for you! 

The injection of secondary air drastically reduces the friction between the conveying line and the product, which guarantees that the fluidization state of the product is optimally maintained - even over long conveying distances. This makes AZO®MULTIAIR dense phase conveying ideal for handling sensitive raw materials, such as milk powder or alternative proteins.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Gentle on the product
  • Low wear
  • Low level of dehomogenization
  • High conveying capacity
  • Long transport distances
  • Energy saving due to targeted transport air supply



Some micro-quantities are difficult or inefficient to automate. But it is precisely these micro-quantities that often have a decisive influence on the recipe. For this reason, we have developed AZO ManDos - an operator-guided, manual weighing center that combines all the necessary components.

Scales, surge bins, desks, suction systems, barcode readers and label printers, including the necessary software - all combined in one smart system!

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Can be used as a stand-alone system
  • Can be expanded to a comprehensive, networked batch production system
  • Logical user guidance
  • End-to-end documentation
  • Identification of raw materials
  • Order, recipe and article management
  • Storage place management
  • Creation of calibration data
  • Host interface
  • Can be validated
ManDos – operator-guided manual weighing system for micro quantities
ManDos – operator-guided manual weighing system for micro quantities

Manual weighing of minor and micro components bears risks and is prone to errors. The more components and batches come together, the greater the risk to product safety and quality. 

With the AZO COMPONENTER® Step, we make it possible for you to automatically weigh in these minor and micro components, such as pigments, dyes or flavors, to the exact gram. This enhances product safety, increases production efficiency, and ensures the hygiene and batch purity of your products. All in compliance with strict, industry-specific requirements.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Maximum product safety thanks to tracking & tracing
  • Process steps and weighing results are reproducible
  • Consistent, strict adherence to formulation
  • High levels of accuracy and cycle times
  • Rigorous batch separation, resulting in prevention of cross-contamination
  • Can be expanded with further modules, providing flexibility when changing over products
  • High throughput rates thanks to fully automatic filling and transportation within the plant
  • Allows effective production planning
  • Less outlay for cleaning 
  • Target containers can be provided with liners if needed
  • Compliance with stringent hygiene requirements
  • Reduction of physical strain and mental stress in staff
AZO COMPONENTER® Step - Automatic weighing of minor and micro components
AZO COMPONENTER® Step - Automatic weighing of minor and micro components

In the weighing and dosing of large and medium components, the right ratio of speed to dosing accuracy is essential. This is what our AZO vacuum weighing systems offer you! 

Highest flexibility in the production process, constant quality and exact coordination of control and process technology make us the market and technology leader in this field - and the ideal partner for the automation of your large and medium components.

 Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • AZO is the market and technology leader for mixer feeding
  • Reliability thanks to experience and fully developed technology
  • High weighing and dosing accuracy
  • Cleanliness during product intake
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Constant product quality
  • Fast recipe change
  • Accurate coordination of control and processing technology
Vacuum weighing system

For product feeding under the highest hygienic requirements, we have invented the AZO feeding hopper in hygienic design. It is specially designed for feeding dusty, powdery and granular bulk materials into closed material feeding systems and is suitable for a wide range of container types, such as sacks, cartons or drums.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Hygienic design
  • Wet cleaning with jet cleaner
  • Gasket easy to remove for drying after wet cleaning and easy to install as no adhesive is required
  • The gasket is composed of silicone and is metal detectable.
  • The sack support can be folded down or completely detached.
  • Gas springs open the cover after releasing the clamps
  • Cover switch for controlling system functions
  • The cover switch complies with safety requirements for applications up to performance level D.
  • Outlet, optimally adapted to downstream devices
  • Suitable for ATEX zone 22 and 2
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Cyclone screeners directly from the inventor.
Whether safety screening, fractionating, eliminating foreign matter, breaking up lumps or loosening up products: With the AZO Cyclone screener type DA you can perform all these tasks - smart, simple and safe.

And best of all: Thanks to self-dosing, you don't even need an upstream dosing unit!

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Low construction height
  • No extra dosing device required
  • Completely extractable without tools
  • Drive with dosing screw demountable by snap locks, extraction device (opt.)
  • Drive with screen can be extracted and swivelled
  • Easy and fast inspection of screen basket
  • Chrome-nickel steel in different surface versions
Cyclone screener type DA

The modular vacuum processing plants type zoatec® BG structured in assembly groups can be used everywhere that dry powders and liquids, or liquids and liquids, have to be mixed, dispersed and emulsified. As a result, they cover a wide product spectrum for liquid to paste-like applications in the areas of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and chemicals. Also, they are characterized in particular by short batch times.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Modular design
  • Advanced homogeniser
  • Patented pump mode for careful product handling
  • Separation of the processing and supply unit
  • Machine frame in expandable honeycomb form
  • Design compliant with FDA and EHEDG regulations
Batch vacuum processing plant

The new AZO production control system offers an intuitive solution for controlling AZO plants. Based on the latest technical standards, we have developed an innovative system consisting of MES, batch and visualization functions, while implementing a completely new operating concept. The plants can be operated both stationary and mobile, which means that your individual requirements can be ideally mapped.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Complete documentation of production processes (e.g. batch records, balance sheets)
  • Individually configurable access protection
  • Functions typical for the industry, such as allergen management
  • Configurable workflows for mapping plant-specific operating steps 
    operating steps, including plausibility checks to prevent errors
AZO Production control system
AZO Production control system - mobile device