Cyclone screener DA 650

Cyclone screener type DA

with self-dosing
Cyclone screener DA 650
Feeding hopper with cyclone screeners
Cyclone screener type DA
Inlet area of cyclone screener DA
 „quick change“ device

Your AZO advantages

  • Low construction height
  • No extra dosing device required
  • Completely extractable without tools
  • Drive with dosing screw demountable by snap locks, extraction device (opt.)
  • Drive with screen can be extracted and swivelled
  • Easy and fast inspection of screen basket
  • Nickel chromium steel in different surface versions

Preferred applications

The DA type of cyclone screener is used for safety screening and fractionating of material, for eliminating foreign matter, breaking lumps, and for lifting/ loosening product. The special feature of this screener type is its self-dosing function, eliminating the use of an upstream dosing device.

How it works

Via the product inlet, the bulk material enters the dosing screw, and is transported into the screen casing. Dosing the bulk material as necessary for screening can be done by setting the screw speed by frequency converter to the value specific to the product in question. The bulk material is then taken over by the separately driven intake distributor with fluidizing bars, and gently whirled through the screen basket. The fine material drops through the screen into the outlet for fine product, the coarse material is transported to the outlet for coarse product , and there gently removed. The special extraction device with snap locks allows simply extracting and swivelling the screen basket to the side for inspection. This makes for thorough inspection and quick exchange if necessary. The dosing screw is also quickly extracted by opening its snap locks. Safety-relevant connections are governed by electric protective devices (safety switches) which switch the machine off the moment such a connection is opened. The screening mesh is held by rings, can freely vibrate, and thus cleans itself. The built-in baffle prevents too much fine product getting into the coarse-product outlet.