AZO comtainer systems - energy-efficient and reliable

AZO container systems - energy-efficient and reliable

The demands on modern raw material automation are manifold and range from gentle product handling to short set-up times and fast cleaning. In the feeding processes of large and small components, the issue of cross-contamination also plays a major role. Simple and intuitive operation as well as clean documentation are therefore indispensable. Our AZO container systems offer the right solution here. They can be conveniently integrated into existing plants and, in addition to freedom from contamination and wide recipe variation, offer other advantages such as energy efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

AZO COMPONENTER®, linear arrangement with mobile container

If many components are processed automatically, a linear design of the AZO COMPONENTER® is recommended. Here, the storage containers are arranged opposite each other in rows and each have their own discharge and dosing elements. These ensure reliable discharge and high dosing accuracy for all components. According to the recipe, the raw materials are usually weighed in an additive process into a container that is placed on a mobile scale or an AGV (automated guided vehicle). The containers with the assembled batch can now be placed on a mixer or homogeneously mixed in a container mixer directly in the container.

AZO COMPONENTER®, fully automatic

AZO ShuttleDos®

The AZO ShuttleDos® is a state-of-the-art solution for the fully automated composition of recipes with many components. It can dose up to 20 batches per hour with up to ten precisely weighed components in a weight range from 100 grams to several hundred kilograms. The closed system with strict line separation and contamination avoidance and the use of special mobile containers enable unmanned operation and increase the cycle rates enormously. An optimal line arrangement with separate areas for different component sizes ensures maximum efficiency.

AZO ShuttleDos®

DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®

The DosiBox® is the best solution when large recipe diversity, many changing components and small quantities are an issue in your production. The safe reusable container made of PE plastic or chrome-nickel steel, available in various sizes, meets all requirements for hygiene, cleanliness, operator and product protection, batch traceability and documentation.

DosiBox® and DosiLogistic® | Economical solutions for frequently changing minor quantities