Filling of outdoor silos

Baking mixtures

Baking ingredients, bread crumbs, prepared baking mixes
Filling of outdoor silos
Supporting framework
AZO COMPONENTER® in circular design
AZO COMPONENTER® in circular design

The task

  • production with a minimum of dust
  • high degree of automation
  • flexible when it comes to changeover of raw materials
  • production free from allergens
  • high cycle rates
  • comprehensive plant design / turnkey solution
  • high levels of accuracy
  • incorporation of liquid components
  • automatic mixer feeding
  • system designed for specific conditions at the customer’s site, bespoke solutions

The Solution

Automated handling of raw materials in the production of baked goods
  • The large and small quantities of the required raw materials have been automated in this plant for the production of baking mixes. A total of four vacuum conveying scales are positioned above a twin-shaft vertical mixer.
  • Bulk quantities are stored in silos, which are fed directly from the bulk tanker using pressure conveying. A vibrating screener, installed in the pressure conveyor line to the silos, stops foreign bodies from being conveyed into the silo along with the raw material.
  • Vibration bottoms or aeration units help in discharging products from storage silos. The raw material is dosed into the vacuum conveying scales by using a self-dosing cyclone screener. In addition to precise dosing, this also ensures further screening and deagglomeration of the raw material, before it enters the scale hoppers above the mixer.
  • The minor quantities supplied in sacks are fed into the system via three sack discharge stations and are stored upstream. Raw materials are also dosed and screened at the discharge stations via type-DA self-dosing cyclone screeners. The screener is installed at the outlet to the feed vessels for the sack filling hopper and it doses the decanted products into a circular AZO COMPONENTER®.
  • This COMPONENTER® assembles the products in the type-ACW tilting scales allocated to the feeding points. A high level of precision is typical of these scales. The partial batch assembled in the COMPONENTER® is then conveyed to the vacuum conveying scales above the mixer.
  • There is also an operator-controlled ManDos weighing station above the mixer that serves to prepare micro quantities for the mixing process. The pre-weighed micro quantities are identified right at the product feeding station and fed into the mixer.
  • Depending on the number of components and related recipes, further systems for automating minor components can be used to expand the plant. These may include another circular AZO COMPONENTER® or a linear AZO COMPONENTER®.
  • AZO’s central process control and instrumentation system controls and monitors the entire mixing operation and ensures end-to-end documentation of the whole production process.
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