Vacuum-pressure weighing system


Beer filtration
Vacuum-pressure weighing system
Big bag discharge stations
Vacuum-pressure weighing system
Mixing vessel

The task

  • dust-free feeding of various types of fossil flour
  • automated feeding of the agitator vessels
  • system design often adapted to existing production halls

The Solution

Automated bulk materials handling in the manufacture of beverages
  • The different types of fossil flour and stabilising agents are usually delivered in big bags. The big bags need to be connected to the big bag discharge stations without generating dust. The big bag connection systems are provided with an extraction device, which is started when the big bags are changed, for the protection of operators.
  • The raw materials are sucked via a pneumatic vacuum conveyor into a scale hoppers, which is designed to withstand vacuum. Frequency-controlled dosing screws are responsible for dosing with gram accuracy.
  • The scale hoppers are designed as a suction/pressure balance. Once the raw materials have been sucked in, carbon dioxide is applied to the scales and the raw materials are conveyed to the mixing vessel under pressure. The materials are injected below the surface of the water.
  • The mixing vessel is supported on load cells. This ensures rigorous and thus constant filtration quality.
  • Depending on site conditions and the available space, the scales can also be designed purely as vacuum conveying scales. The mixing vessels are then fed by gravity.
  • The mixing vessel is suitable for a broad range of batch quantities thanks to its geometry and thus provides a high degree of flexibility for starting the filtration process.
  • The AZO process control and instrumentation system ensures end-to-end documentation of all manufacturing parameters and hence reproducibility of filtration quality.
Beer filtration - conveyor scale
Beer filtration - mixing vessel
Beer filtration - outdoor silos

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