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Additive Manufacturing | Raw Material Automation Systems for 3D Printing

AZO's feeding, storage, screening, recovery and conditioning solutions improve product quality and resource efficiency for metal and plastic-based additive manufacturing.
3D printing technology has enabled the rapid production of intricate, customised components for demanding applications in industry, medicine, aerospace and other fields. But printing high-performance, long-lasting components profitably takes more than just an excellent 3D printer.
In the additive manufacturing process with metal or plastic powders, as well as plastic granulate, bulk material handling plays a crucial role in ensuring operational safety, product quality and resource efficiency .
AZO is one of the leading specialists in automated raw material logistics for 3D printing applications and offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the storage, conveying, feeding, conditioning and recovery of plastic and metal materials used in an additive manufacturing process.

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Klaus Kilian | Director Technique Additive Manufacturing

Klaus Kilian
Director Technique Additive Manufacturing

AZO GmbH + Co. KG | Tom Friedenberger | International Key Account Manager

Tom Friedenberger
Director Sales Additive Manufacturing