DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®


Cable compound
DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®
AZO DosiBox®
Combined pickup station
Feeding from otabins
Central control and visualisation system

The task

  • Zero fault strategy
  • High recipe and raw material diversity
  • Maximum level of automation
  • Faultless documentation / tracking + tracing / operator guidance
  • Integration of high rack storage, DTS system, DDWs and Buss kneaders  
  • Mixer feeding
  • Careful conveying of finished product
  • Automatic changeover and simple cleaning during product changeover

The Solution

Bulk goods handling with maximum component diversity, maximum automation and zero fault strategy
  • The philosophy of the so-called "Zero fault strategy" prevalent at the customer end, results in a continuous tracking of all products by means of identification via barcode scanner as well as in an audit trail of the entire manufacturing process. All containers are identified and registered within the entire manufacturing process. Furthermore, automatic sampling is carried out at various points of production. The necessary parameters are part of the respective recipe.
  • The heart of the system is the automation of medium and small components for the production of premixes with the AZO DOSINENTER®, the economical AZO container system for frequently changing small components. More than 20 different recipes with a total of approx. 200 different raw materials are automatically made available to the mixing process.
  • The medium and small components are available in octabins, big bags, the additives also in sacks, drums or cardboard boxes. Depending on their flow characteristics, all components are transferred into DosiBoxes®, DOSITAINERS® or other containers, intermediately and automatically fed to the AZO DOSINENTER®.
  • Micro quantities can also be weighed in via microdosing devices that are placed at the DOSINENTER®.
  • The large components are stored in four external silos, which are equipped with a silo head space drying system. These can be conveyed via a suction conveyor either to the AZODOS® differential dosing scales directly at the compounder or to the AZO DOSINENTER®.
  • Large components from the exterior silos, the medium and small components as a premix as well as the micro components are all fed continuously to the compounder via the AZODOS® differential dosing scales.
  • The finished granules are transported particularly carefully through an AZO®MULTIAIR dense-phase conveying system into the storage silos. The storage silos are equipped with circulation promotion to prevent the formation of agglomerates and, due to the hygroscopic properties of the granules, with silo head space drying.
  • Vibrating baskets and lump breakers are installed at the silo outlets. The lump breaker ensures that no agglomerates enter the filling.
  • Filling takes place in crates, which are placed fully automatic under the storage silos via an unmanned conveyor with an integrated scale.
  • The complete system, including the compounding process and the granulation process, is controlled, monitored and completely documented by the AZO process control and visualisation system as well as the PLC. The orders are received, processed and documented back to the ERP system via an interface to the ERP system.
  • All production parameters are recorded, monitored and adjusted if necessary.
  • The entire system can be viewed using remote maintenance and is managed by AZO through a 24-hour maintenance contract.

Name of contact

AZO GmbH + Co. KG | Thomas Stegmeier | Head of Sales AZO®Poly

Thomas Stegmeier
Head of Sales AZO®Poly

+49 6291 929 835
AZO GmbH + Co. KG | Holger Urban | Manager Automation AZO®Chem/AZO®Poly

Holger Urban
Manager Automation

+49 6291 9290 110