Silo discharge

Animal food

High level of automation with large number of components
Silo discharge
Cyclone screener DA 650
DosiBox®, DOSINENTER® and DosiLogistic®
The DosiDock® unit with mobile scales

The task

  • automated mixer feeding with a large number of components
  • critical products in terms of colour and flavour
  • minimum contamination, nonetheless high batch rates required
  • frequent changeovers of products
  • careful handling of products
  • high degree of automation

The Solution

Automated handling of raw materials in the manufacture of pet foods
  • The large number of different components, such as flavourings and colourings, makes automation of the raw materials used in producing the mixed batches with minimum contamination absolutely essential.
  • Bulk components, which are used in almost every recipe, are usually handled using outdoor silos for storage and vacuum conveyors for transfer to scale hoppers in the mixing area that are able to withstand vacuum. Dosing and screening are usually done by a type-DA cyclone screener that provides highly accurate weighing.
  • To meet the requirements for a high number of batches, partial batches are produced while the mixing process is ongoing. These are conveyed with careful handling to the mixer provision level. These partial batches can be produced for the different product groups using several AZO COMPONENTERS® in a circular arrangement.
  • These AZO COMPONENTERS® are often employed when there are less changeovers of products and the products or the partial batches are allocated to individual mixer lines. Indoor silos are frequently used to store raw materials in these cases.
  • If there is a larger number of medium and minor component, entailing a greater need for flexibility when changing over raw materials, the components are dosed and weighed by AZO’s DOSINENTER® system and supplied to the mixing process. The AZO DOSINENTER® is an affordable solution for automating these components and provides a high level of flexibility when changing over individual raw materials
  • The AZO DOSINENTER® and AZO COMPONENTER® systems are frequently combined with each other in a linear arrangement. The AZO COMPONENTER® takes on automation of the partial batch with the medium and minor components that are needed in most recipes, whereas the AZO DOSINENTER® automatically weighs in the raw materials that are subject to more frequent changes in the recipes.
  • It is also possible to use guided vehicles (AGV) instead of the linear drive units in the AZO DOSINENTER® or AZO COMPONENTER®. They increase the plant's throughput rate as it is possible to use several vehicles with more flexible travel paths to the dosing points.

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