Lifting column

Lifting Column

The New Generation in Packing Drum Handling
Lifting column
Lifting column
Lifting column
Lifting column

Your AZO advantages

  • Electromechanical drive with drive chain
  • No hydraulic unit therefore no leak problems
  • Motor brake for extremely accurate positioning
  • Precise positioning both in upward and downward movement as well as when turning and rotating
  • Positioning with freely programmable controller
  • Standardised design to allow the use of different extension arms/carrier plates, making it ideal for modular systems

Preferred applications

For safely lifting, lowering, rotating, turning and docking heavy loads within buildings from one floor to another or from one level to another. Depending on the application, the Lifting columns are designed as a rigid structure or can be turned about the vertical axis.

How it works

The AZO Lifting column is anchored as a free-standing unit to the floor or mounted with additional installation fixtures to the ceiling or wall. The lifting function is performed by an electrical drive unit while the chain gear mechanism moves the drive chain. The drive system moves the carriage with the attached load platform vertically up and down. An optional overload safety device shuts down the drive in the case of excessive load. The mechanical brake on the drive unit prevents the load platform from dropping uncontrollably. Positioning is controlled either by means of limit switches or a position controller which allows individual movements or movement sequences.