AZO cyclone screener type E in painted version

Cyclone Screener type E

for control and safety screening
AZO cyclone screener type E in painted version
AZO cyclone screeners
AZO cyclone screener
AZO cyclone screener
AZO cyclone screener

Your AZO advantages

  • High output
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dependable mechanics
  • Dust-free operation
  • Decades of experience
  • Reliable operation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to integrate into existing plants
  • Automatic discharge of coarse product
  • Enclosed system
  • No vibration

Preferred applications

For 70 years the AZO cyclone screener has been used with great success for screening bulk materials in the food, plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Typical applications:

  • Control screening before and during processing
    Guarantees reliability because no contamination in the form of sack fibres, lumps, paper shreds etc. can enter the production process.
  • Control screening before filling and packaging
    Ensures that only flawless products leave the production process.
  • Breaking of lumps
    This is recommended whenever bagged product or hygroscopic materials are being processed. The lumps are broken gently without any loss of product.
  • Separation of agglomerates
    Agglomerates frequently occur after drying processes.
  • Screening and recycling of fines
    e.g. after granulating in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Recovery of epoxy resin powder
    in powder coating units by separating foreign particles.
  • Control screening
    After grinding in the production of powder varnish.
  • Fractioning
    Separation into various fractions of powdery bulk materials according to grain size.

How it works

The product is metered into the AZO cyclone screener via the inlet pipe. This can be done by means of a rotary feeder or a metering screw. The feeding screw transfers the product into the screening chamber where it is gently swirled through the screen fabric by the fluidizing bars. The fines drop through while coarse particles such as contamination and agglomerates are carried on and discharged continuously. The baffle at the end of the screen prevents fines from entering the coarse product. The screen fabric, which is mounted on rings, can vibrate freely and therefore cleans itself automatically. It can also block blows softly and thus is largely insensitive to foreign matter. Sack fibres are eliminated too without forming a beard in the screen which might adversely affect the screening. Due to the carbon fabric of the screen, electrostatic charging, which occurs when screening e.g. PVC powder, is excluded. The screen can be exchanged easily and in a short time without using any tools. In addition, the rotor is very simple to remove. When the machine is not working, a large inspection door at the screener body makes it possible to check the complete surface of the screen basket easily by turning it 360°.