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AZO - raw material automation in pet food production

In the production of pet food, we can do what we do best:
The automated handling of many different raw materials and recipes with strict batch separation - and this across a complete plant. From storage and discharge, weighing and dosing, to feeding mixer lines and process control, our entire know-how from more than 70 years of raw material automation is applied in this industry and brings our customers decisive added value. And thanks to our expertise in raw material analytics, there is no raw material, no matter how critical, that we cannot automate safely and efficiently.

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The task is clear...

  • automated mixer feeding with a large number of components
  • critical products in terms of colour and flavour
  • minimum contamination, nonetheless high batch rates required
  • frequent changeovers of products
  • careful handling of products
  • high degree of automation

and AZO has the solution!

The task is clear...

Major components - the basis of any pet food

Major components such as maize grits, rice, wheat or rice flour, as well as pea or soy proteins, are found in almost all recipes and classically stored in external silos. With the help of suction weighing systems, which combine the functions of discharging, dosing, conveying, and weighing in one system, these components are brought to the mixer precisely weighed. AZO COMPONENTER® systems offer another possibility to assemble different components according to the recipe. Here, a batch of several components is pre-weighed and then conveyed to the mixer pneumatically or in containers.

Rice and rice flour: two common major components

Your AZO advantages

  • Non-corroding
  • Maintenance-free
  • Weather-resistant
  • No problems with static electricity build-up
AZO outdoor silos

Your AZO advantages

  • Rust-free, no maintenance required
  • Special discharge module
  • Wide range of standard and safety accessories
  • Efficient, safe dispensing, even of materials normally hard to handle
  • First in first out
Silo discharge

Your AZO advantages

  • AZO is the market and technology leader for mixer feeding
  • Reliability thanks to experience and fully developed technology
  • High weighing and dosing accuracy
  • Cleanliness during product intake
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Constant product quality
  • Fast recipe change
  • Accurate coordination of control and processing technology
Vacuum weighing system

Your AZO advantages

  • High batch frequency through parallel weighing (up to 40 batches per hour)
  • Good assignability to specific recipes, e.g. dark and light product lines
  • Feeding of several mixing lines possible
AZO COMPONENTER® in circular design
With AZO you produce hiqh-quality pet food for all pets

Minor components - for high quality and healthy pet food

The major components may form the foundation, but what really sets high-quality pet food apart are the numerous minor components:
Vitamins, hemoglobin, alternative proteins, or fiber - the list of ingredients for good and healthy pet food is long and each raw material brings its own unique challenges for automated handling and feeding of mixing lines.

Feeding and discharging: A fibrous business

Plant-based fibers like Arbocel® are incorporated into many pet foods to provide the right chewing sensation. These raw materials pose a major challenge, especially during product feeding or discharge from big bags, sacks, and silos, because they have very poor flow behavior. This is where our AZO discharge devices or big bag discharge stations with special discharge systems provide a remedy.

With AZO, you stay calm as a koi in any challenge.

Your AZO advantages

  • Reliable and low-dust discharge of bulk materials into the process
  • Big bags are used for materials with even low use rates since they are an environmental-friendly shipping and handling container
  • The station also works well with big bags with an inner liner, and is available with a liner tautness device
  • For difficult to discharge materials, the discharge station is equipped with a vibrator or bag massager
  • The interface with the down stream process is designed to meet the specific requirement
Discharge station for big bags

Your AZO advantages

  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Reliable discharge
  • For universal use
  • Uniform fall of the product column (materials flow)
  • No stacking and bridging
  • Also suitable for problematic and flow-resistant materials
  • Optimum emptying of hoppers, without residues
AZO Vibration bottom – easy to clean and hygienic

Your AZO advantages

  • Round and sturdy
  • Without dead corners
  • Availability either in epoxy-coated mild steel or in stainless steel with 6 different surface finishes
  • Individual filter or central dust extraction by vacuum
  • Option of integrated vibration pre-screen
  • Discharge of flow-resistant materials can be supported by rapper, vibrator, vibration bottom or by fluidizing
  • Outlet optimally adaptable to downstream systems
Feeding hopper type ET...VS GA

Weighing and dosing: Accurate to the gram and true to the recipe

With the large number of minor components required for the production of high-quality pet food, correct dosing is particularly important. For this purpose, we offer you both automated and operator-guided weighing systems with which you can weigh in a variety of raw materials true to recipe and separated by batch.

Your AZO advantages

  • Maximum product safety thanks to tracking & tracing
  • Process steps and weighing results are reproducible
  • Consistent, strict adherence to formulation
  • High levels of accuracy and cycle times
  • Rigorous batch separation, resulting in prevention of cross-contamination
  • Can be expanded with further modules, providing flexibility when changing over products
  • High throughput rates thanks to fully automatic filling and transportation within the plant
  • Allows effective production planning
  • Less outlay for cleaning 
  • Target containers can be provided with liners if needed
  • Compliance with stringent hygiene requirements
  • Reduction of physical strain and mental stress in staff

Your AZO advantages

  • Can be used as a stand-alone system
  • Can be expanded to a comprehensive, networked batch production system
  • Logical user guidance
  • End-to-end documentation
  • Identification of raw materials
  • Order, recipe and article management
  • Storage place management
  • Creation of calibration data
  • Host interface
  • Can be validated
ManDos – operator-guided manual weighing system for micro quantities

Your AZO advantages

  • Clean storage
  • Stock control
  • Safe product and user protection
  • Raw material handling in a closed system
  • Just in time production
  • Permanent traceability of raw materials and batches
  • Innovative logistics solutions

Conveying: Gently and safely

The carefully weighed and pre-dosed ingredients must now be conveyed to the mixing line as gently as possible. Our pneumatic conveying systems are ideal for this purpose, allowing you to send almost any raw material safely to the right mixing line. For raw materials that have to be conveyed particularly gently and with low segregation, our AZO®MULTIAIR and AZO®SaugPlus dense phase conveying systems are suitable.

Automated mixer feeding

Your AZO advantages

  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Dust-free, closed system
  • Hygienic and operator-friendly
  • Space and height saving design
  • Flexible configuration of pipes
  • Reliable conveying
  • Gentle and low-wear for product and plant
Receiver type S...

Your AZO advantages

  • Gentle on the product
  • Low wear
  • Low level of dehomogenization
  • High conveying capacity
  • Long transport distances
  • Energy saving due to targeted transport air supply
AZO®MULTIAIR dense phase conveying

Your AZO advantages

  • Segregation and destruction free
  • Low air and energy consumption
  • Conveying of critical bulk materials
  • Optimized controls
  • Efficient usage of conditioned air

Automate: Intelligent control for healthy pet food

The large number of minor components and process steps that need to be monitored in parallel for the production of high-quality pet food requires an intelligent production control system with intuitive operation. Here, too, we offer you everything you need to successfully automate your pet food production and always have all the information about your production lines at your fingertips. At the same time, continuous batch tracing is guaranteed to ensure the consistently high quality of your products.

Your AZO advantages

  • Complete documentation of production processes (e.g. batch records, balance sheets)
  • Individually configurable access protection
  • Functions typical for the industry, such as allergen management
  • Configurable workflows for mapping plant-specific operating steps 
    operating steps, including plausibility checks to prevent errors
AZO Process control system

Your AZO advantages

  • Complete identification and documentation from the receipt of goods, weighing, dosing and mixing of all raw materials up to filling, packaging and order execution of the final product.
    The components of the process control system allow consistent shop floor monitoring.
Tracking & Tracing

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