Combined pickup station

Combined pickup station

for bagged products and big bags
Combined pickup station
Combined pickup station

Your AZO advantages

  • Reliable discharge of bulk materials from sacks and big bags into enclosed production systems
  • Big bags are useful as an eco-friendly means of transportation and packaging even with small throughput
  • For flow resistant bulk materials, the combined station is equipped with an auxiliary vibration or flexing device
  • Individual adaptation to the following systems
  • A textile insert winding device is available as an optional extra

Preferred applications

For ergonomic loading of bagged materials and big bags into enclosed, automated feeding systems. Especially flexible because sacks as well as big bags can be loaded.

How it works

Loading from big bags
The big bags are hung on mobile hoists and taken to the combined pickup station where the outlet of the big bag is put over the inlet pipe and clamped down by manually or pneumatically lowering the pressure disc. Then the tie-up string is opened and discharge begins.

Alternatively, the big bag can be put on a loading table and connected as described above.

The discharge without residue into the downstream process can start. For bulk products, difficult to discharge the big bag supporting table is equipped with an additional vibration unit or massager. If requested the big bag discharge stations can also be equipped with a low level indication in order to make a timely big bag change possible.

Loading from sacks
The vacuum extraction is started by opening the cover of the sack tipping hopper. The sack is opened and the product is discharged into the hopper. The dust is extracted and collected in an appropriately dimensioned filter.