Support hopper

Discharge station for big bags, modular

allows configuration to meet individual requirements
Support hopper
Discharge station for big bags
Discharge station for big bags
Discharge station for big bags

Your AZO advantages

  • Modular system allows configu­ration to meet individual require­ments, making it cost-effective 
  • Reliable discharge of bulk materials into closed production systems with little generation of dust 
  • Convenient lifting of big bags from pallets to the big bag discharge station
  • Low-dust connections thanks to the big bag docking system
  • With the option of vibrating discharge aids and/or massager devices for poor-flowing bulk materials
  • Suitable for various sizes and types of big bags
  • Easy to use thanks to ergonomic design 
  • Also suitable for big bags with inliners

Preferred applications

Flexible bulk materials receptacles such as big bags have become firmly established for handling powders in a variety of branches. They have clear advantages over sacks when it comes to transporting and storing bulk materials. They are environmentally friendly, require less operating staff and storage space and reduce costs for transport and processes.
Apart from free-flowing bulk materials, poor-flowing products can also be discharged reliably using appropriate discharge aids.

How it works

AZO big bag discharge stations make it possible to discharge big bags with little generation of dust and to feed products reliably into the closed production plant. To improve efficiency and reduce costs even further, AZO has developed a modular concept for a big bag discharge station. The required components such as frame, traverse, chain hoist, discharging aids, big bag docking system, buffer bin and discharging unit can be chosen from a “construction set”, depending on the requirements. The entire discharge station can be configured to suit needs without outlay for design, which has a very positive effect on the price and delivery time. They are comparable with equipment from series production, however the modular station covers a much broader range of uses than a standard model, which makes it very flexible. Modular technology makes it possible to adapt the stations in use to changing production conditions with minimum outlay.

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