AZO screener TW 650

Screener type TW

for safety screening in pneumatic conveying
AZO screener TW 650
AZO screener TW 650
AZO screener TW 650

Your AZO advantages

  • No coarse particles enter the silos or production
  • Sturdy construction of chrome nickel steel design
  • Simple construction, without mechanical parts moving in the product
  • Easy inspection and cleaning thanks to quick-release clamps
  • Can quickly be integrated into the system - and removed from it - via snap-lock couplings and clamping devices
  • Rollers allow easy positioning
  • Installed ready-to-operate
  • Suitable for both vacuum and pressure conveying systems

Preferred applications

The TW 650-type screener is highly suited for safety screening in closed pneumatic conveying streams. One typical application: between tanker and storage silo, to avoid contaminants (like residual bits of packaging) or lumps, etc., entering the silo. Another typical application: after product pick-up stations - like feed hoppers, conversion stations, etc. - to prevent any kind of contaminant entering the downstream closed pneumatic conveying systems. Suitable for all free-flowing, powdery bulk materials.

How it works

Using snap-lock couplings, the TW 650 screener is linked between the tanker and the silo to be filled. When used after a product pick-up station, the inlet of the unit is connected to the feed hopper, its outlet linked to the downstream conveying system. By switching-in the pressure generator, the product is pneumatically conveyed through the built-in screen. Any contaminants larger than the mesh size are kept back in the process. A unbalanced-vibrator prevents mesh clogging during screening. After the actual conveying, the process continues without product for about one minute in order to empty the screener completely. Then the quick-release clamps can be opened, the screener inspected, and the contaminants removed. This done, the screener is ready for the next screening process.